HIGH MOON Vol. 2: Wicked Ways

High Moon Vol 2

David Gallaher and Steve Ellis
HIGH MOON Vol. 2: Wicked Ways
(Papercutz, May 2018)


The award-winning werewolf western series continues in HIGH MOON: WICKED WAYS. After a horrific series of murders, Macgregor joins forces with a gang of outlaws to stop an army from unleashing untold devastation. But something sinister is brewing across the globe — and danger will bring the detective to London where he will find himself face-to-face with a gruesome plot that threatens the fabric of humanity. David Gallaher (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) and Steve Ellis (BREAKING BAD) reunite for this legendary series about the untamed wild west.


Author David Gallaher has received multiple Harvey Award nominations and won The Best Online Comic Award for his work on High Moon for DC Comics. David was an early pioneer of digital comics developing projects for Marvel as well as BOX 13 – the first comic designed specifically for the iPhone – for comiXology. He has served as a consultant for Random House, The NYPD, and McGraw-Hill.

Steve Ellis has worn many hats as illustrator, author, art director and concept designer. He has created artwork and conceived projects for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Random House, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, AMC, Scholastic, Rogue Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment and more. Recently he has developed the award-winning comic series High Moon for DC Comics as well as acted as the lead designer, storyboard artist and illustrator on AMC’s Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead games.