Under the Blue Flag

Philip Kearney
Under the Blue Flag: My Mission in Kosovo
(Phoenix Books, March 2010)

“A gripping account of the complex and dangerous work of confronting barbarism with law, Under The Blue Flag also reveals the human cost of ethnic cleansing — both to its victims and those seeking justice.  A gifted trial lawyer, Philip Kearney proves to be a gifted writer.”
–Richard North Patterson, author of The Spire
“Philip Kearney’s Under The Blue Flag is a gripping, timely and important book that, not incidentally, tells a great story.  We’ve all heard of Kosovo, usually in conjunction with words such as ‘atrocities’ and ‘war crimes’, but Kearney puts a human face on the troubles in that part of the world, and brilliantly showcases the myriad difficulties as well as the moral imperative in establishing the rule of law in the aftermath of war, especially the ethnic warfare that seems to be the template for much of the modern world’s conflicts.  But for all of the relevance of its message, Under The Blue Flag is also a flat-out terrific, highly-dramatic read about one man’s search for justice in the world and meaning in his own life.  Highly recommended.”
–John Lescroart, author of A Plague of Secrets