Triple Crossing


Sebastian Rotella
Triple Crossing
(Mulholland Books, August 2011)

Foreign rights have been sold to: Mulholland U.K., Ediciones B (Spain), and Liana Levi (France).

“Reading Sebastian Rotella’s remarkable first novel, Triple Crossing, is like putting on night goggles: you see things you never knew were there… The pounding action scenes are driven by Rotella’s ferocious prose style, but it takes the night vision of a couple of decent cops to expose the scale of the violence, the level of the corruption, the sheer audacity of the criminals.”
–New York Times Book Review

“[Rotella] employs a journalist’s sharp eye and a novelist’s deft touch to give us a rich portrait of the sights, smells, sounds, beauties and dangers of life south of the border.This is an honest and engrossing journey into a world of violence and corruption that is a threat to our own well-being…”
–The Washington Post

“Superb…Unflinching views of a double agent’s harrowing life, a violence-dreched Mexican jail, and the wild border areas complement the provocative plot.”
–Publishers Weekly

“We get a fascinating gallery of characters, on both sides of the law, who see life and death play out along the moral borderlines of murder, vice, integrity, honesty, and justice. Long before his story reaches a climax in the Triple Border town of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, the reader will be racing along through the pages of Rotella’s novel at near break-neck speed.”
–Dallas Morning News

“There may have been many south-of-the-border/drug war novels, but this is the best one I’ve come  across by a mile. Rotella, a noted investigative journalist, has a professionally-honed eye for detail that is evident on every page. This alone is impressive, but he also possesses a talent for character and narrative drive that elevates this story to the level of epic greatness.”
–George Pelecanos

“The Border Book is back. Sebastian Rotella’s last book moved as smoothly as a BMW in the rain. But Triple Crossing, his first novel, screams off the line like a big, mean American hot-rod. The author’s profound understanding of the hidden worlds of the border and the surreal narco wars takes this thriller into the realms of nightmare and exquisite terror. You will know things you probably shouldn’t know when you’ve crossed the finish line, running sweat. This wild ride cannot be outrun.”
–Luis Urrea