The Spire

Richard North Patterson
The Spire
(Henry Holt & Co., September 2009)

A brilliant novel of psychological suspense about a lawyer turned college president who investigates the long-ago murder of a female student—allegedly by his best friend.  Gripping and razor sharp, The Spire is both a hugely satisfying novel of suspense and a poignant love story.

“[This] intriguing novel of psychological suspense…intensifies until the shocking conclusion of this tightly plotted story…sure to please fans of Raymond Chandler, Michael Connelly, and James Lee Burke.”
-Library Journal

“The novel picks up steam and builds to a shocking conclusion.  Fans of Patterson’s legal thrillers, the books that made him famous, will be glad to see him back in murder-mystery mode.”

“Thoughtful…Patterson evokes the quiet schism between town and gown…as well as the fragile relationship between blacks and whites, while Mark’s probing hits exposed nerves with fatal results.”
–Publishers Weekly