The Devil’s Light


Richard North Patterson
The Devil’s Light
(Scribner, May 2011)

Politically insightful, thoroughly researched, and infused with authentic real-world information, The Devil’s Light begins at a blistering pace andaccelerates to a dazzling finish, confirming Richard North Patterson as a master of the international suspense novel.

“Impossible to dismiss as mere fiction, The Devil’s Light is a terrifying vision of what very well could bring down our world as we know it. With its real-life spies locked in a deathly struggle, this thrillingly told novel is all too real.”
–Robert Baer, former CIA field officer and New York Times bestselling author

“Patterson does an excellent job of delineating the very complex politics of the Middle East from  all sides…the threat Patterson imagines is frighteningly realistic, and the result is a thoroughly engrossing look at a complex and volatile region….The timeliness and alarming intensity of the topic will make this an especially hot book from the  author of eight respected international bestsellers.”