Starstruck by Rachel Shukert

Rachel Shukert
(Delacourte, March 2013)

Every week they arrive in Los Angeles–beautiful and talented hopefuls who dream of becoming stars. It’s all Margaret Frobisher has ever wanted–and when she’s discovered by a studio bigwig, she can barely believe her luck. She’s more than ready to escape her snobby private school and conservative Pasadena family for a chance to light up the silver screen. The competition is fierce at Olympus Studios, and Margaret–now Margo–is chasing her Hollywood dreams alongside girls like Gabby Preston, already a grizzled showbiz veteran, caught between the studio and the ravenous ambition of her ruthless mother, and sultry Amanda Farraday, who seems to have it all–talent, glamour… and dirty secrets. Meanwhile, Olympus beauty Diana Chesterfield has mysteriously disappeared. Margo quickly learns that fame comes with a price, and that nothing is what it seems. Set in 1930s Hollywood, Starstruck follows three teen girls as they live, love, and claw their way to the top in a world where being a star is all that matters.

“Wit, pluck, darkness, pitch perfect period details, juicy twists, and big heart. This book is one to savor.”
–Anna Godbersen, New York Times bestselling author of the Luxe and Bright Young Things series

“Shukert’s foray into the teen market is well-plotted and carefully nuanced; historical details are crisp and vivid without being too obtuse; the narrative is tight and masterful, mixing just the right amount of cattiness and salaciousness with secrets that reveal themselves one after another. The result is a compulsively readable piece sure to appeal to fans of Anna Godbersen and Judy Blundell. Though there is no mention of a sequel, some plot threads are left swinging like the fringe on a flapper’s gown: Expect readers to clamor for more. Historical fiction that’s both smart and sassy.”