Secrets From Chuckling Goat



Shann Nix Jones
Secrets From Chuckling Goat: How a herd of a goats saved my family and started a business that became a natural health phenomenon
(Hay House, February 2015)

Shann Jones never expected to fall in love with a Welsh farmer at the age of 41. She didn’t anticipate leaving her city-girl existence as a radio talk show host in San Francisco to end up running a 25-acre self-sustaining farm in Wales. And she certainly didn’t expect to find herself locked in a desperate battle to save her husband’s life from a deadly superbug infection, armed only with natural remedies and the probiotic drink they make on the farm.

This is a true story, taken from Shann’s diaries. It’s about second-chance love stories, and happy endings that pop up when you least expect them. It’s a story about nature, and farm life, and ancient recipes. And most of all, it’s about the miracles that can happen when you refuse to give up hope.

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