Naked Moon

naked moon

Domenic Stansberry
Naked Moon
(St. Martin’s Press, March 2010)

From Edgar-Award winning author Domenic Stansbury, comes Naked Moon, the tender, intimate brutal, and the final and most chilling tale in the Dante Mancuso cycle.


“This series…revitalizes the classic detective story, injecting it with a noir sensibility that evokes the old masters and seems altogether new.”

“We’ve said it all along: whereas others play at noir, Stansberry delivers the real thing.  That was true with the marvelous Ancient Rain (2008), and it’s even more true with this latest entry in the Dante Mancuso series.  This time the San Francisco P.I.’s shady past (working for a clandestine government security outfit called the Company) comes back to haunt him.  Ordinarily, you don’t ever quit the Company, but Dante managed it through some tricky leverage; now the Company has its own leverage in the form of Dante’s cousin, who has turned to the group for help when his warehousing business goes south.  “It was nice to think you had a choice, that your actions made a difference one way or another,” Dante muses, but he knows better.  Think of the end of For Whom The Bell Tolls–Robert Jordan with a Gaitling gun between his legs and the Fascists coming up the mountain en masse–and you’ll have some idea of just how dark the world looks to Dante’s shrouded eyes (and, unlike Jordan, Dante harbors no illusions about honor).  As always, Stansberry combines his unrelenting noir world view with remarkably lyrical prose.  You want a similar title?  Try Mozart’s Requiem.”
–Booklist (Starred Review)