A Truth Universally Acknowedged


Susannah Carson, Editor
A Truth Universally Acknowledged: Great Writers on Why We Read Jane Austen
(Random House, November 2009)

In A Truth Universally Acknowledged, more than 30 great authors illuminate what is important to them about Austen: her romance, her language, her insouciant point of view. Juxtaposing major critics—Virginia Woolf and Harold Bloom—against modern writers (Amy Heckerling, Clueless; Diane Johnson, Alain de Botton), editor Susannah Carson brings a fresh angle to how we understand and read Jane Austen.

“Austenites will enjoy dipping into this collection.”
–The Booklist

“The novels of Jane Austen live beyond the page, haunting our lives.  The writers in this volume explain their own relationship with Austen and together are a kind of invitation for us, whether we’re Janeites or not, to understand why we are so in her thrall.”
–Chicago Tribune

“‘Wow!’ I wrote in the margin.  There are lots of ‘wows’ in these essays…”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“For the devotee of the written works, however, A Truth Universally Acknowledged contains almost as many gems as the novels encompass.”
–Miami Herald

“Whether you adore Jane Austen for her wit, characters, or astute observations about human nature, this swoon-worthy collection penned by modern masters of literature will offer even more reasons to love her.”
–Minneapolis Star Tribune